The Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary can comfortable serve up to 110 people seated in rows.  For dining events, we can seat up to 90 people around individual tables, with three large serving tables. It takes approximately two hours to set up for a dining event and about an hour or so for take down.

The Meeting Room

Our meeting room is located on the east side of our main Sanctuary building and can comfortably seat 12 people.

The Fellowship House

The Fellowship house is located at the end of the cul-de-sac. The main room can comfortably seat about fifteen people. There is a full kitchen and a television is available for showing video or connecting to online meetings.

All meeting spaces have free Wi-Fi available.

Schedule a Space

Use this form to schedule a meeting or event space on the SGUUF campus
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    Please let us know as soon as possible if child care services will be needed for your event so we can schedule our child care professionals.