Minister’s Mind – To Serve Humanity In Fellowship

The doctrine of this church is love, The quest of truth is its sacrament And service is its prayer. To dwell together in peace, To seek knowledge in freedom, To serve humanity in fellowship, To the end that all souls shall grow In harmony with the divine. Thus do we covenant with each other. At … Continued

We Are Family – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

Just a week or so ago I was asked to share a perk of my job. And I responded “children who sit in my lap” and showed this picture. As my own children age out of our home, this is a definite perk for me! It is a wonderful feeling, to be trusted and needed … Continued

Counter-Balance: ATX Harvey Relief

Counter Balance: ATX is working directly with various local organizations to provide relief and restoration to all those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey for the next weeks to come. There are five ways for you to help evacuees: 1. Gofundme: 2. You can drop off donations (CLOTHES NOT NEEDED) at the following Austin area … Continued

Faith In Action – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

I enjoy singing the Seven Principles song with our children so much. During Children’s Chapel this past Sunday, it was especially meaningful. After singing the song, we talked about Hurricane Harvey. We talked about people who had to leave their homes, people whose homes had been flooded and damaged, people who were scared. We were … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Water is Life

As we prepare for our annual In-Gathering Water Communion on September 10, we are invited to experience life in terms of the metaphor of water. Let’s imagine life is like riding on a watery surface which is sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. Sometimes the water is shallow, other times deep. In riding on the water, like surfers, … Continued

Back in the Swing of Things – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

Here we are in August and, unbelievably, almost back to school! We love you, Summer, and wish you were with us all year long! Alas, it is not to be. Here at San Gabriel we will all support our children as they grow in mind and body, and continue to support them throughout the school … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Our Future is in Our Hands

We smile as we sing our In-gathering Song “Don’t be afraid of some change” Founding and veteran Members know first-hand about the journey of San Gabriel from a Gathering of retired folks in Sun City to a much larger downtown Fellowship that is more diverse and inclusive. As a Spiritual Community we demonstrate the response … Continued

A State of Discernment – Montana Steele

I entered into the UUA General Assembly in a state of discernment. This somewhat existential questioning has crept up on me over the course of the last several months. I’ve been told, ever since my junior year of high school when I announced my aspiration for ministry, that discernment was a natural part of the … Continued

Spirit at the Center – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

There’s a story I love to tell from my early days of teaching. A third grade class, for whom I was a substitute, was very eager to let me know that I was so much like their regular teacher. We were both tall, skinny, and teased them in the same ways, they said. The only … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Unity

Our mission states that “We are a Congregation that welcomes all, promotes personal and spiritual growth, and works for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.” It is a wonderful ideal and just the sort of mission statement a group of UUs might be expected to make. Our members create and sustain our mission because it … Continued