A Big Thank You! – Corinna Whiteaker Lewis

At our All Ages Service in April, an “RE Offering Slip” was included in the Order of Service. There were several ways to give, including scissors, markers, paint, storage baskets, shelving, changing table pad and covers, plus service opportunities like summer teaching and Wonder Box reader. So many of you responded and the children of … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Shared Leadership

Our Fellowship recently hosted our Annual Congregational Meeting and each month we participate in a Congregational Forum. Those attending have expressed satisfaction at the level of felt connection and expressed communication. This is a demonstration of community interactive dialogue and shared leadership, the topic of this month’s article. Shared leadership is easier said than done. Our … Continued

A Second Home – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

A few Sundays ago I was at the back of the Sanctuary during service and was lucky to see Julie with Owen in her lap, “finger-reading” our Affirmation. As a Religious Educator, as a parent, as a UU, this scene brings a smile to my face. Owen is engaged with his mom, with his own … Continued

It Makes a Village – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

This past Sunday I led our first Children’s Chapel. On such a beautiful day, the children and I gathered in the grass and stayed outside.  I brought a basket with me, and we eagerly opened it up to see what was inside. Out came a silk rainbow scarf, a chalice and candle, some flowers, a … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Deeds Not Creeds

In reading Living with the Devil: A Meditation on Good and Evil by Buddhist scholar Steven Batchelor, I was stimulated to bring you the following practical application of spirituality. Credit is due to Batchelor for certain quotes, ideas and paraphrases. “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and … Continued

Minister’s Mind – On Spring’s Rebirth

It’s Spring and the Easter season. The name “easter” is derived from the German “ostern” (meaning east), and Eastre, meaning “dawn goddess” who was honored with a vernal fertility festival.  When the Germanic tribes were Christianized, Eastre merged with the Spring Christian Paschal celebrations which are about the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. That’s … Continued

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

Our Religious Education program is growing by leaps and bounds!  This past Sunday we had our highest number of children in class and childcare yet – 17! Attendance in RE class and in the Nursery has been on a steady upward trend since the beginning of the year.  This is an incredible testament to the … Continued

Minister’s Mind – Our Future Together

San Gabriel became part of our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in Spring of 2009. Even before reaching that milestone 8 years ago, there were a few additional years of organization and development. Through all of these years we have adapted and changed. Yet, as with all systems, our culture consists of certain patterns and … Continued

What Children Teach Us – Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis

“And that’s just like the Wonder Box story! It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, when you love someone.”  Here, nine year-old Sawyer is connecting dots – between our principles, our stories, our class time, our worship, and more. Making links that even I had not yet made. It was a privilege … Continued

Intuiting the Presence of the Holy – Lou Snead

Reverend Lou Snead’s sermon from January 1st is reproduced here by popular demand. “This morning I want to break with UU tradition and read a passage from one of the sacred books in the Jewish and Christian Bibles- the Book of Psalms; the 104th chapter.  This is a song that the writer sings to the … Continued