A Connection Group is an intentional, lay-led, small group, or sharing circle designed to deepen and expand your spiritual growth and connections within our Beloved Community.

  • It is small, meaning that its size is about 8 participants.
  • Its purpose is to build relationships and a sense of belonging.
  • It may serve as a kind of ministry, by offering one another emotional, physical and spiritual support, as needed.
  • It follows a set of relationship ground rules which includes ways of deep listening and speaking to each other with respect.

Meetings are typically held monthly, although some groups choose to meet twice monthly. The time and place is up to the group.  Generally, a meeting may last about two (2) hours.  A discussion guide is is provided.  Each group has the flexibility to decide how best to meet their needs.

Every group needs a facilitator who becomes the contact person and who may also lead the group through the material provided each month. Some groups may decide that different members will lead the discussion.    Again, each group decides how best to operate.

The discussion guide, based on a specific theme or topic, is provided for everyone each month via email.  This guide (3-4 pp.) offers a variety of readings and options related to the topic.  SOUL MATTERS materials for small groups are being used to create your guide.   Rev. Mark Skrabacz and DRE Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis are using similar materials designed for monthly Worship and Religious Education.

We invite YOU to connect with a Connection Group!

For further information, please contact:

Linda Mueller              512-864-2288           lmueller4u@gmail.com

Diane Dancer              512-943-8073          dianetx2@yahoo.com

Aaron Williams            512-912-6831          aaron.williams121@gmail.com