Holiday Food Drive = Faith Development – Corinna Whiteaker Lewis DRE

“I know, we can put on a puppet show to raise money!” “How about knitting scarves so people who are cold can stay warm?” “I’ve heard that homeless people need things like toothpaste and toothbrushes.” “Let’s pick up trash to take care of the earth, and make bird feeders for hungry birds!”

Everyone was gathered around for Children’s Chapel. We sang hymns, passed the plate, and shared joys and concerns. As we do every month, we ended our time together with a service project – this particular Sunday we made blankets for the animal shelter. But before we moved into that, I asked the children what other types of projects they’d like to do. Projects that help others, and help make the world a better place. They had no problem coming up with all sorts of ideas! In addition to the above, they also mentioned giving food to hungry people, sending cards to sick children, making movies with important messages, playing games with the lonely, decorating shirts to make people happy, and more! Some of these things may not be not be exactly charitable acts, but with a little imagination you can see how we can apply these ideas. And I, for one, can’t wait to make these dreams reality.

You may have heard me say that the Religious Education we provide here at San Gabriel is social justice work – and it is!  Who can deny that the world would be a better place with more Unitarian Universalists in it? And that is what we are all about in Religious Education – supporting the faith development of our children as they build their Unitarian Universalist identity. It’s exciting to see these young minds and hearts grow in spirit, and become the people of generosity and caring who will lead positive change into the future. Our children at San Gabriel are already giving voice and shape to our shared values.

To facilitate this growth, offering space for exploration and encouragement to our children as they express our UU values is key – and I know you will want to help. So, during this holiday season we will act on one of their ideas – one that I am sure many of them have seen right here at San Gabriel in the past.  This Sunday the children will be making posters to advertise our annual church-wide food drive for The Caring Place. In November please look for the blue barrel from The Caring Place – and donate generously.  Then in December families will deliver what we’ve collected and hopefully have the opportunity to volunteer in some way – either by sorting, packing, or otherwise assisting at The Caring Place.

Unitarian Universalism is a faith home for people who seek to transform themselves, their communities, and the world they share. We know that we need one another to inspire and support our transitions, discoveries, and spiritual growth. Thank you for including our children in that journey. Thank you for being the congregation that’s also the curriculum.

In Faith,

Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis