Each year during our pledge campaign, we ask members and friends of San Gabriel Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to support us with a financial contribution. Each member or family decides on a pledge amount that fits their budget and level of commitment.

Our pledge campaign theme this year is Building Our Future. As each of us thinks about our financial support for the Fellowship, we might consider how we have built a strong and comfortable home together.

The small group who founded our congregation is the cornerstone of our home, marking our place and establishing where our house rests.

Our members and friends are the solid stone foundation of our home on which everything we have built is constructed. The depth of the foundation is what anchors our home and makes it stable.

Small group ministries are the family room where we connect with each other, our social activities are our lively kitchen where we nourish our souls and laugh at a common table, and our Sunday services are the living room in which we learn, converse, and come together as a family.

Our financial health is the roof over our heads, giving us shelter and protection when there are storms as well as on sunny days.

Our Social Justice programs are the doorways that allow us to go seek and find places where our help is needed. Through these doorways our house becomes part of a larger community.

Our Religious Education programs are the windows that let the sun shine into our home and fill it with warmth and light. Through these windows we can see our future and create a new UU vision to be fulfilled by our children and youth.

Our communication channels are the electric grid that links our house with the broader world and allow others to be inspired by our energy.

And our colorful flower gardens are like… a flower garden. Their wonderful native plants and insects add so much beauty to our Green Sanctuary campus.

As we approach the anniversary of our first decade as a fellowship, we can look at and appreciate the house we have built together. We also can see that as we expand the size and depth of our foundation, there are more rooms we need to build, more windows and doors to be added, and a more stable roof to be constructed.

We can be proud of what we have built together and we can feel hopeful about the home improvement projects yet to come. Consider how you contribute to the making, upkeep, and future expansion of our common home. This shared place is where we are Building Our Future together.

The goal for this year’s Pledge Drive is $132,800. The Finance Committee, with input from our Treasurer and committee chairs, has made a budget recommendation to the Board that will cover salaries and training, professional bookkeeping, facility maintenance and mortgage, committee finances, communication costs, and more.

Your pledge amount deserves careful consideration.  Please consider the benefits that SGUUF brings to you, your family, and our community. The UUA Fair Share Giving Guide is a tool to help you determine your pledge amount.  Feeling good about your pledge is very important – for your relationship to the church and your commitment to the pledge. Please consider giving at the most generous level that you can during the Building Our Future Stewardship Campaign.

We have an exciting year ahead as our fellowship continues to grow and evolve, nourished by the financial support of our members.

With our sincere gratitude for your presence and commitment to our fellowship,

The Stewardship Committee and Board of Trustees