“If you want peace, work for justice.”

 -Pope Paul VI, for the Celebration of the Day of Peace, 1972

Our mission statement says it all:

We are a welcoming congregation. We promote personal and spiritual growth and work for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Unitarian Universalism is rooted in the idea that a single heart can change the world – indeed, that all of our hearts, acting in love and in concert, cannot fail to do so.  At San Gabriel, we are devoted to this idea and seek to act it out every chance we get.  Our congregation is comprised of people actively engaged in our community, from mentoring young people in our schools, working with the homeless veterans in Bartlett, sponsoring the local PFLAG meeting for parents and families of our LGBTQ community, seeking economic justice for workers in Georgetown, organizing and participating in Courageous Conversations about race and in many other ways. As our minister likes to put it, “We are here to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”

We also promote ideas of environmental justice through our Green Sanctuary program. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that where people live, the quality of the world they occupy every day, is paramount to their basic well-being. Too often people are forced to live in conditions we, ourselves, would not accept, simply because of their economic status or their race. Environmental justice reaches beyond the here and now, as an implicit promise to the generations that follow.  If we do not create a sustainable world now, what world will our grandchildren inherit?

We hope you will follow the links from this page to learn more about us and our work to bend the arc of the universe a little more toward justice.