Wonderful Welcome

After attending approximately the first fifteen minutes of service with their families, children ages 4-7 follow their teacher to the Little House for class.

Their time together often includes songs, stories, games, activities, and outside play. For April and May, the PreK-First Grade class is exploring the UUA curriculum Wonderful Welcome, led by Allison McKee. With this program, children explore the core UU value of welcoming. They will learn to articulate and express a variety of intangible gifts we all have inside us, such as kindness, love, and empathy, empowering them to share these gifts with others.

Allison McKee

 allison-mckee Allison McKee has lived in Georgetown for almost ten years, and is Director of Marketing and Events at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.  She and her husband, Raymond Husser, joined San Gabriel in 2015. Since then, Allison has been particularly drawn to working with the children of our congregation. She enjoys partnering with them on their journey of religious exploration and getting the opportunity to experience their enthusiasm and wonder along the way! Allison also teaches because she wants to support the health and growth of our community. Allison recently completed teacher training and is eager to share what she’s learned with the children of San Gabriel. Thank you Allison for your commitment, both as a teacher and a member of the Religious Education Committee!