Welcome to our Nursery!

Tender, loving care for infants and children up to age 48 months is provided by our trained, paid caregivers, Kylie Childers and Jennifer Beczak, who help them explore and play. The Nursery, located in the Little House, opens at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays.

Please sign in your child and leave a phone number so we can text you if we need you during the morning.

Please pick up your child by noon.

Kylie Childers

  Kylie Childers has been providing loving childcare in our Nursery since the summer of 2014, and has seen more than a few of our San Gabriel children grow up right in front of her eyes!  She feels children are the foundation of our community. So, by teaching them good choices and how to have fun constructively with their peers, she hopes she is contributing to society.  She also hopes her time with the kiddos will help alleviate parents of some stress while they attend service!  In her spare time she likes to read, play games, learn Japanese, and watch everything from fantasy to documentaries. Kylie and her boyfriend Josh live with their little schnauzer mix Rhea.

Jennifer Beczak

  Jennifer Beczak has been caring for children for 13 years. She enjoys seeing the world again through their eyes, and helping them grow into kind, caring little people. She also serves on the executive board of both of her children’s schools. In her free time she enjoys crafts, parks, and jogging. Jennifer and her husband Michael have 3 children: 2 sons, ages 9 and 4, and a daughter, age 7.