Minister’s Mind – Our Future is in Our Hands

We smile as we sing our In-gathering Song “Don’t be afraid of some change” Founding and veteran Members know first-hand about the journey of San Gabriel from a Gathering of retired folks in Sun City to a much larger downtown Fellowship that is more diverse and inclusive. As a Spiritual Community we demonstrate the response to change that is necessary in our society. With all our global concerns, leaders must influence people to move beyond the motives of short-term self-interest to the more long-term common good, so that we as a society will embrace a greater stewardship of our future. 

In Spring 2013, before we purchased our present location, our Committee on Ministries orchestrated a Congregational Life Survey. It’s purpose was to solicit what our Members and Friends envisioned for our future. Our Leadership has attended to these ideas and we have adapted and grown. Now it is time for another such Survey.

As a Faith community, we are called to be visible, life-giving change agent in the world. To be faithful in this calling, we must first be open to choose change ourselves. Then we can be part of the remedy for the ills of our age. The most innovative people of faith have a view for the challenge to change. Here are some guidelines for our upcoming Survey. To be:

• aligned with our mission and vision,

• significant to the people who make up our community,

• relevant to the needs of our wider society, and

• intentional in service of others, as good stewards of our resources.

These aspirations are challenging and we need to dig deep within ourselves to meet the needs presented in these areas. After all, among these needs are the future of life and our planet.  Yet imagine what our congregation will look like as it rises to meet these aspirations!

Choosing is the basis for change and gives us an inside edge. As part of our Ministerial Team with Corinna, I recognize that we are in the change business in virtually everything we do. Through our Sunday Services, Religious Education and activities designed to further our Faith Development we, as a Beloved Community, can make a difference in virtually everything we do.

Please participate in our Congregational Life Survey to voice your choice!

Gratefully in service,

Rev. Mark