Minister’s Mind – Water is Life

As we prepare for our annual In-Gathering Water Communion on September 10, we are invited to experience life in terms of the metaphor of water. Let’s imagine life is like riding on a watery surface which is sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. Sometimes the water is shallow, other times deep. In riding on the water, like surfers, we actually get to taste, feel and embody the wetness of the water. How are we riding the waves of life for now?

No need to go looking for any other waves to ride because they’re right here, right now in whatever form they take. We are in them and on them in this very moment — in our waking, sleeping, caring, eating, working, playing, in laughter, in sadness, in illness and in health. We’re surfing our conditions. This is it.

We all face challenges in our lives. We have to find ways to stay afloat, especially when we feel like we’re sinking, no matter what we do. Yet still we need to accept our watery reality, no matter what it’s like. Truth is, this is it, regardless if it is or is not the life we want it to be.

In living our lives we have the opportunity to experience being fully alive, here and now. Don’t think there is some other life to be lived, in a more perfect set of circumstances, some other life somewhere else that we wish we lived. And in the midst of this reality we can learn to access the wonderful ability of BE-ing human at this moment, in our community — BE-ing who we truly are, practicing aliveness as skillfully as we can for now. For we are humans being.

This life involves both an efforting and a letting go. We like to think we make things happen and yet we also notice that things happen anyway, regardless of our efforts. I hope you are finding a way to enjoy the ride. Let me know how you are doing. I’d like to know. Really.

Yours in service,

Rev. Mark