Living Our Covenant: Small Group Ministry

We are a part of a sacred covenant community. Our covenant calls us to encourage, inspire,challenge and love one another. This morning we will hear from several members of our small group ministry and how this group has been a dynamic place to flesh out this sacred bond.

A Father’s Blessing

Fathers were once the head of the clan and of the household. Some still long for those days of patriarchal power. Many are grateful that they are long gone for various reasons. What does history and practice show us about healthy involvements of fathers? Studies show that present and active fathers do have a strong … Continued

On Agnosticism and Humanism

In a survey conducted by our Youth in 2015 68% of San Gabriel respondents checked the “agnostic” question, “there is no way we can know whether or not there is a god.” 90% responded favorably to “the use of science and reason to understand our Universe.” It was the most popular question. Today let’s examine … Continued