Our Favorite Hymns

This service is in response to our musical interest survey earlier this year. Ten of the most favored hymns from the gray and teal hymnals will be performed by Jan & Joe Nesheim, as well as other musicians. Each hymn will be introduced with information about the music, the composer, or the lyricist. For example, … Continued

What Time Is It?

In light of Charlottesville, perhaps it is time to go back and reframe the question from, “Do Black Lives Matter?”  to “Do White Lives Matter More?”  This sermon provides an historical, cultural, and spiritual context for the widening divide between people of color and the minority.  Perhaps we can begin, right here in Georgetown, Texas, … Continued

The Water Communion

A few weeks ago when I engaged Congregational questions during my sermon, someone asked “What is the point of coming to church?” Let us further examine that inquiry as we bring water we have collected from our summertime travels to contribute to our common bowl. In commingling the water of our travels, we visually combine … Continued

Celebrate Equinox

As much as our atmospheric heat may disguise this week’s Autumn Equinox, we can still celebrate it along with our planetary home. Today’s call is to fall in love with our planet Earth. What if we were able to fathom the state of complete interdependence described in our 7th UU Principle: Respect for the interdependent … Continued

The High Holy Days

What can we learn about and from this year’s end of September Jewish Feasts of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur? Many Unitarian Universalists have a connection to Judaism, including a sense of being ethnically, culturally, or spiritually Jewish. Judaism has a place in Unitarian Universalism. Let’s meet to understand these observances and how they can … Continued