If We Don’t Do This, What Do We Do?

Texas is ground zero for our identity as a nation and our identity as a Faith.  It’s that simple.  With the Anti-Sanctuary bill now law (SB4), our Hispanic neighbors are in jeopardy for their freedom, safety, and very lives. With the DACA decision, add 124,000 of our Hispanic youth to the bigoted target list. During … Continued

The Re-Emergence of the Priestesshood: A Return to Love and Sacredness

The energy of the Divine Feminine is rising on the planet. One of the many ways she is showing herself is through the re-emergence of the Priestesshood, the sacred community of both women and men who desire to honor our connection to Source, Mother Earth, and ourselves. It is a return to right relationship with … Continued

On Transformation

Every religious belief system contains a description of spiritual renewal by the transformation of one’s mind. Let’s explore the idea of Transformation, asking these questions: What is transformation? What role could a faith community play in this process? How might it prepare its members to participate in the positive, life-enhancing experience of transformation? These will … Continued

Our 10th Anniversary

Let’s join together for this historic gathering of our Founding Members, for stories, songs with our Family Choir and sharing of all kinds. We will also bring our Fall Pledge Drive to a conclusion, and enjoy each other’s company during our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck. You must simply attend this special and enjoyable Service of Celebration. … Continued

On Being UU in Japan

Traveling outside of the United States for the second time in her life – the first was 4 months in India, Montana recently visited Japan for a week. You are invited to join her to hear stories about gratitude and honor, and about traveling and observing with UU values in heart and a mind open to learning. Come, … Continued